Twitter for Business

Session duration: 38:29

Twitter to some can seem like a foreign language. This workshop will break through the jargon and make sense of this micro blogging social media platform to help your business connect, inform, raise awareness and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and explore how to use Twitter within a professional context

  • How to plan and execute online social media campaigns

  • Understand best practice application of Twitter

  • Create a Twitter Bio, header & background theme

  • Learn how to find & follow on Twitter

  • Learn Twitter functions – the difference between a reply, mention and RT (re-tweets) and how it impacts who sees the message

  • How to send direct messages and use hashtags

  • Learn how to capture and maintain followers

  • Learn how to find out what is ‘trending’ in your location on Twitter

  • Upload a photo / attach a video